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Sonya Eckel

Norwex Senior Vice President Leader

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Replay of Sonya’s LIVE Q&A about joining Norwex!

So many of you have been reaching out with questions about becoming a Norwex consultant and this September FREE Norwex Starter Kit (you just pay the $9.99 shipping!!), so I wanted to share this replay of a LIVE Q&A time that I did with our team, and I hope you’ll find it helpful in answering your questions!   (Keep in mind… this was done live, so ignore me going to let my dog out, etc!)  😉

If you’re already working with a Norwex consultant, then I’m sure they are taking excellent care of you, and you’ll want to get back with that person.

But if you are looking for a consultant to help you get started, then I’d be honored to help you start your Norwex journey!  You can join Norwex with me as your personal sponsor at  I am excited to connect with you!

TEN DAYS left to take advantage of the “Try It Share It” Free Kit!!!  Is NOW your time to jump in?  🙂


NO-risk Starter Kit in September Only!!!

Are you ready to jump in and give Norwex a try?  This month you have absolutely NOTHING to lose to give it a try!!  

SEPTEMBER 2016 NO-Risk Starter Kit!!!

We’d love your help in sharing these amazing products (and earning you some income in the process!) and we wanted to be sure you knew about the September 2016 NO-risk Starter Kit! For just $9.99 shipping, you can give a Norwex business a try with no risk!

Free Norwex Starter Kit

You get all of these products with no kit cost* so you don’t have to wait to try them all!

  • 1 EnviroCloth®
  • 1 Window Cloth
  • 1 Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth
  • 1 Microfiber Variety Pack
  • 1 Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent 250g sample pack

*You pay only $9.99 shipping plus tax.

The products in your kit are simple to demonstrate, so you can plan your first party right away. There are also several business tools included to help you get started. No party is too big or small–just gather your friends and share!

Questions? Call me with any questions: 605-271-1814.

Ready to get started? It’s super easy!  If you’d like to join my team, you can sign up online at Be sure to choose the “Try It Share It Kit” if you are looking to start with the zero-risk kit.  But be sure to check out the chart below so you can do a solid comparison to our standard kit (which is AMAZING)!

Sep16 Norwex Kit Comparison Chart

I look forward to welcoming you into my Norwex team!!


NEW Norwex 2016 Catalog & NEW Products!

Looking for the new Norwex catalog?  Here’s the 2016 Norwex Fall Catalog with our NEW products!!   I’m so excited about the NEW products!!!  I’m having a tough time choosing a favorite!!!  Check them out!  (Be sure to check out our story on page 11, too!)  🙂

NEW 2016 Norwex Catalog
Shop online at!

#1 Norwex Team for 5 years in a row! Congrats, PGT!

CONGRATULATIONS, Planet Green Team, on being named the #1 Norwex team in the USA for the fifth year in a row!!!

You guys never cease to amaze me in your passion and commitment!!  I am so proud of you!!!!  I’m incredibly honored to accept this #1 Norwex Leader Award on your behalf!  I am blessed to call each of you my Norwex family!

Congratulations, Planet Green Team, on being named the #1 Norwex Team in the US again!

Congratulations, Planet Green Team, on being named the #1 Norwex Team in the US for the 5th year!

This INCREDIBLE Jacket Team makes such an huge difference through their leadership, and the continued growth is astounding!  Reaching the Red Jacket, Vice President and Black Jacket levels in Norwex are phenomenal team accomplishments!!  So glad to get to work alongside each of you!  Thanks for your amazing leadership!

PGT Jacket Leadership Team 2016
Here’s a pic of just a “few” of our Planet Green Team members who were at National Conference!!

CONGRATS, PGT!! We have a BIG year ahead!

CONGRATS, PGT!! We have a BIG year ahead!  I’m so thankful to have you all in my life!

I am so excited for our year ahead!  How about you?  Are you ready to join the Norwex movement?  This is truly a life-changing opportunity!  Reach out if you have any questions!

605. 271. 1814

Honored to be interviewed on the Leadership Lifeline Radio!

This month marks my seven year anniversary with Norwex!  I’m so thankful that my friend shared Norwex with me 7 years ago, and that my mind was open to giving it a try.  I can’t imagine all the blessings I would have missed out on if I had not decided to go for it!  I am beyond grateful for all that Norwex has brought into my life over these past 7 years.

I was honored to be invited to do an interview on Leadership Lifeline Radio, and wanted to share it with you guys!  As always, I so love hearing your takeaways and feedback.

Interview on the Leadership Lifeline Radio Show

Thanks for being one of my loyal readers & Norwex family!  🙂

Becoming a Norwex Consultant FAQs

I’m so excited that you’re taking a closer look at Norwex!  This company is so ground-floor and is blessing SO many!!!  If you’re thinking of becoming a Norwex rep, we’d love your help in sharing your passion and the Norwex mission!  And if that’s you… then I’m guessing you might have a few questions!

Whether you’d simply like to earn a bit of extra fun money, or you’re looking to replace a full-time income, or seriously go BIG-time, Norwex may be exactly the answer you’re looking for!  If you’re already working with a consultant, I’m sure they’re taking excellent care of you!  If you’re looking for a Norwex leader to help you get started, then I’d be honored to have you part of the Planet Green Team. 

Here are a few of the most common questions (FAQs) when looking at starting a Norwex business.

Norwex Consulting FAQs!

Norwex Consulting FAQs!

How much does it cost to become a Norwex consultant?  
Great question!  And one I absolutely LOVE answering because of the incredible generosity of this company!!  The standard Starter Kit is shipped to you FREE, for just $10 shipping… and it remains FREE when you have at least $2000 in retail product sales in your first 90 days!  On average, that happens after doing 4 average (US average: $600 sales/party) parties!!  (If you don’t meet the $2000-in-90-days, Norwex charges you $200 for your consultant Starter Kit, which is less than the retail value of the kit.)  Talk about a risk-free “investment”!

What comes in the Starter Kit?
Several of my TOP faves!  You get a Large Superior Mop (my fave!), 2 Enviro Cloths, 1 Dusting Mitt, a Window Cloth, sample of Norwex Laundry Detergent, and more!
2016 Starter Kit ContentsDid I mention that the Superior MOP System (my beloved MOP) comes in the Starter Kit?!!!

How soon does it usually take to get my kit?  
It is usually delivered in less than a week via UPS.  (Shipping time do vary based on your location.)

What if I’m in Canada?  Can I still join your team?  
Yes, we have Planet Green Team members all across North America!  You get started the same way, except there is an extra kit option.  Most of my team members from Canada still choose the full standard kit, though, since they want the MOP!  🙂

What other products should I purchase for my demo kit? 
If you’re like I was, I wanted to try more than just the basics in my home… I had a pretty long wish list!  And it’s nice to have some of the other top-selling products in your kit.  We suggest that you take advantage of the amazing 35% consultant discount by placing an initial $400 [retail cost] order to start building your demo kit.   (After your discount, this will end up costing you $260 (plus the shipping & tax) and you will be $400 toward your $2000 minimum sales to keep your kit for free!  Double bonus, right?!)  Once you register as a consultant on our team, we provide you with the suggested products to place on this first order, and are happy to assist you in placing the order.

Can I purchase products at my discount just for my personal use?
Absolutely!  We’ve found that we sell what we love, so the best way to become familiar with the products is to use them in your own home!!!  We do have some consultants who sign up for their personal use and to share with friends and family, and that’s OK, too.  To stay in Active status, you simply need to spend a minimum of $250 (retail) within every 3-month period (or do your own catalog party every few months and collect at least $250 in orders).  Heads up…. often we find that when you’re using the products, you’re raving about them… and business may find you anyway.  😉  Many of the top leaders on our team started just to get the 35% discount for themselves.

How quickly can I start earning money?
As soon as you get your Consultant ID# (usually within an hour after signing up online), you can place your first orders.  So let family and friends know about the products, collect orders, and schedule your first home shows.  On average across North America, the average home party sales are $600, which means that your 35% commission is $200!  Can you see how quickly that income can build & make a difference?!  And, when you also invite others to join your team to help you share Norwex, you can also start earning leadership commissions.

Do I have to build a team to earn income?
No, team building is never a requirement, but it is an incredible opportunity.
You can make excellent income from the products that you sell (35% commission!).  With that said, if you choose to invite others to join your team to help us share Norwex, there is no ceiling on the amount you can earn.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about… on an average month, I earn $1600-$2000/month on my party/ sales income, and because I chose to also build a team, I have more than doubled my full-time Physical Therapy income!
I think of it much like real estate.  Someone can become a realtor and sell homes and make a great income!  Or, they can also choose to become a broker, train & support others realtors, and earn a percentage of what their team sells as a thank you for their support and resources.  It’s more like duplicating yourself to share these amazing, life-changing products and reach SOOOO many more homes than if we’re trying to do it all on our own!
So, do you have to build a team?  No.
Will you want to build a team?  I’d venture to guess YES!  🙂

OK, Sonya, let’s say you’re right– that I would like to build a team…
How do the Norwex Leadership Commissions work? 

With as few as three consultants on your team, you can start earning 3% on the sales of your personal team.   Norwex has no cap on the amount you can earn- no point where they limit your earning potential!  As you promote to Sales Leader, Executive Sales Leader, Senior Executive Sales Leader, and VP Sales Manager, your residual income will continue to grow.   This is real-life, real-time earning potential.   We have unbelievable income potential, and there’s such a need for more consultants to spread the word about this incredible company, its products and opportunity.  I would LOVE to have you help us bring Norwex to North America!

Who do I go to for support?
This is an important question!  Norwex, as a company, provides great support!  We are so blessed to have such an incredible company behind us!!  My personally-sponsored team members have access to support directly from me via phone or email.  Each person’s goals are different, and my goal is to assist you as much (or as little) as you’d like to help you reach *your* goals.   There are area team meetings, a team support group & conference calls where we share successes, challenges, and ideas with fellow consultants.  I also provide you with a training system to give you a ”track to run on” to get your business off to a successful start!  I’m very committed to helping my team build successful & life-changing Norwex businesses!  If you are already working with a consultant, I’m sure you’re being well cared for!  If you are looking for a Norwex leader to help you get started, I

would love to connect with you and answer any questions that you may have.  Our team has been named the #1 team in the company for almost 5 years, and I think this is largely due to phenomenal training & support!

How would I learn all of the product information and tips? 
You’ll love the training that our team provides- most new team members agree that it’s ‘over the top’!  Just to give you an example of the tools you have to help you toward success in your business, Norwex provides some excellent party cue cards (Here’s a quick training on them.).  This is just one small snippet of the training and support that is available to our team members!  As a Planet Green Team Member, you have access to our team website and tools.

Who pays for the hosting gifts/ host program?
This is one reason Norwex is such an incredible opportunity!  Our host plan is 100% company funding, and is GENEROUS beyond belief!  This is one reason that my business has continued to grow and grow over these past 6.5 years!

OK, so what about this “write your own hours” thing?  Is that for real?!
Yes, yes, yes!!!  This is one of my favorite parts about this business!  I’ve been able to earn a full-time income doing 2-3 parties per week (on the days/ evenings that *I* choose!) and helping others also build successful Norwex businesses as I go!  I love that I can block out 2 weeks for a family summer vacation, and mark off our family events FIRST before I decide when I’ll be doing my Norwex parties!  Sometimes that means I do 2 parties on a Saturday (brunch party at 10:30 and afternoon party at 2:30), but sometimes I might choose 2 week nights instead.  It depends on what works best for our family.   I love that I get to be the one picking my kiddos up from school, taking them to their appointments and games, having time together after school and most evenings, reading together and tucking in for bedtime.  (Truth be told…. I also love that every once in a while, I get to take an evening off, head out to a Norwex party, while my amazing hubby takes on homework and bedtime.)  😉  It’s been a perfect fit for us!

Do I have to remit sales taxes to my city and state?
I’m very thankful that Norwex remits sales tax for us!!!!  We pay the taxes to Norwex, and they make sure the sales taxes get to the right city/ state.  Thank you, Norwex!!!

Are there income tax benefits to having a home-based business?
As a home-based business owner, you may be able to tax deduct business mileage, a portion of utilities, your home office, phone and internet bill and office expenses.  I’m not a tax professional, so be sure to consult with your CPA for all tax details!!!

What kind of business supplies will I need?
Norwex keeps our supplies, like catalogs and order forms, very affordable.  Catalogs are less than $1 a piece, and order forms are 100 for $9.99.  Some supplies come in your Starter Kit to help you get started!

How long does it take to do a home party? Set up time is approximately 20-30 minutes, the presentation typically lasts about 45 minutes, and the ordering time is about another 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of guests.  You’re usually looking at about 2 to 2 1/2 hours at the host/ hostess’ home.  Outside of the show, you will spend 30-60 minutes between coaching your hostess in how to have the most successful show, placing the order, and follow-up customer care calls.   So that means from start to finish and even some behind the scenes work, you can easily make $50 dollars/hour.  What other part-time job can offer those excellent wages?!

Can I earn free vacations?!
I could hardly believe when I earned my first FREE, all-expenses paid, trip with Norwex!  It was my very first year, and I’d been happily going about my business doing 2-3 parties per week.   I hadn’t even looked at the trip details because I figured trips were just for the “top” people!  But my friend, Tiana, & I both earned the trip that year…. and once we had earned one, we realized we’d never want to miss another!  These trips are AMAZING.  You’ll feel so incredibly pampered and cared for!  And somewhere warm in the winter.  Yes, please!!

How do I get a consultant application?  
Becoming a Norwex Consultant is SO simple.  If you’re in the US or Canada, you can sign on directly from my website, or simply call me and I can get your information by phone. Call Sonya Today! Whichever is easiest for you!  If you prefer to print and fax your Consultant Application, you could do that, too.  I am also a Global Sponsor, so if you’re in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Latvia, Germany or Lithuania, contact me directly for the appropriate application.

Will I need to keep inventory on hand?
No, keeping inventory is not required!  Typically we ship the orders directly to our hosts’ homes, or we can direct ship right to our customers for just a bit more in shipping (LOVE having that option!).   You may find as your customer base grows, that some inventory is nice for re-orders (I almost always have Laundry Detergent on hand because once someone starts using it, they never want to use anything else!), but even for re-orders, it is SO simple to drop-ship them the product directly from Norwex.

Does Norwex have a Getting Started Program where I can earn extra products and incentives for free?
Yes!  The FreshSTART program is AMAZING (CLICK HERE to view the current FreshSTART program) and most of my new team members aim to hit every single step so they don’t miss out on any of

What are the monthly sales requirements as a consultant?
There are no monthly sales requirements to remain an active consultant, but you must have at least $250 retail sales (including but not limited to your personal purchases) within each 3-month period to be Active.  Because you get 35% discount on your purchases, this actually amounts to about $180/ 3 month period.  (NOTE: to receive manager checks, there ARE monthly sales requirements.)

35% Consultant Commission!

35% Consultant Commission!

How do I get paid?
If the party guests or direct customers pay by check or cash, you get your profit immediately, since you only pay Norwex 65% of the retail amount (plus actual tax & shipping) and the customer paid you the full retail amount.   When the amount of your guest credit card payments exceeds the amount that you owe Norwex for the order, Norwex will direct-deposit that overage amount as your commissions.  Many of my customers prefer to pay by check, however, so most times I get my commission that same night!   As for the leadership commissions paid for training and supporting your active team, they are direct deposited once per month. (NOTE: The choice to sponsor and train a team is optional.  Some people LOVE the training portion of Norwex (personally, it’s one of my favorite parts!), while others prefer to simply share the Norwex products at parties and earn party income.  If you are wanting to build a Norwex team, then I am thrilled to be your mentor and trainer in both aspects of this business!)

Am I provided with a website from Norwex?
Yes!   Norwex websites are available to all Norwex consultants for just $9.99/month (Free for your first 60 days!)!!   The sites are fantastic- click here to check mine out!  This means that your customers can order from you online, 24/7.

Is there an annual renewal fee?
No, as long as you have at least $250 retail sales every six months, there are no renewal fees once you start your business!

Is there a monthly auto-ship?
No!  If you’ve had previous experience with network marketing, you’ll find this to be a marked difference.  Norwex is the direct-selling, home-party industry.  The majority of our product sales happen as retail sales to customers who are not “signed up” in any way.  Norwex does not do monthly auto-ship.  Rather your customers simply call you or order online when they’re needing more laundry detergent, mattress cleaner, cleaning paste, dish liquid and other re-order products.

Is Norwex a pyramid scheme?
No, Norwex is a direct sales/ home party company similar to The Pampered Chef.   Norwex retails in-demand and timely products to its customers.  Norwex doesn’t advertise via media, but rather hires independent consultants such as you and me to be their advertisement!

As my sponsor, what kind of support can I expect?
My #1 goal is that my team members are successful in meeting their personal Norwex goals!  To help you

What kind of training and support can I expect?

What kind of training and support can I expect?

get there, I offer my personal phone & email support and coaching to my personally-sponsored team members to help you successfully build your new business. You’ll also receive my team emails and are welcome to participate in our conference calls and team meetings, and have access to our fantastic Team Training Website.  This is designed to help you get off to a strong start with a structured system of product knowledge, promotional materials, recruiting tools, training audio & videos and much more.  I work with many, many team members throughout the US and Canada.  Regardless of whether your sponsor is in your location or across the country, training and support are KEY, and with excellent support systems in place, we’re able to work together whether you live down the street, in another state, or another country.

How about a car?  Can I earn a car?
Yes, at the level of Senior Executive Sales Leader (SESL), the Norwex car bonus starts!!!  This is such an incredible company!  They do not require us to drive a certain type of luxury vehicle… rather they allow US to apply that car bonus to our vehicle of choice!  They simply add the Car Bonus to your monthly SESL leadership commission deposit!  And, when you reach the Vice President Sales Leader level, the monthly Car Bonus increases to

I'd be honored to work closely to help YOU earn your car bonus, too!

I’d be honored to work closely to help YOU earn your car bonus, too!

Honestly, in the beginning, this bonus helped us pay off our mini-van payment and part of the groceries.  I love that we were able to allocate it where we needed it most, rather than needing to go out and lease a certain color and type of luxury car.  Right then, we needed our little Ford minivan!  🙂

What if I’m not good at speaking in front of people or not a sales person? 
More than “sales people”, we’re looking for those who have a passion for sharing products that really make a difference!  What I love about Norwex is that more than sales, we are simply giving people an easier, better, more affordable way to clean and create safer homes.  I find that team members who were very nervous talking in front of others, found that they’re OK with educating others and demoing products that really *work*!!!  In fact some of them are now TOP leaders in our company!!  I find that every personality style, age, and gender can be successful in Norwex, proven by a wide variety within our leadership team!

Are home shows the only way I can build this business?
Although home shows make up the majority of company sales, there are many ways to build a Norwex business!  A few ideas include tradeshows, fundraisers, office lunch-and-learns, person-to-person marketing, and online marketing and parties.  As long as we stay within the Norwex compliance guidelines, they give us SO many avenues to build our business!
NOTE:  It is strictly against Norwex policy to sell these products on any online store other than our consultant websites.  A consultant can be terminated for selling on sites like ebay, amazon, craigs list, etc.

What happens if I decide Norwex isn’t for me?  
You end up Norwexing your home with products that you love and that will save you tons of time and money for years to come!  AND, you have the Consultant 35% discount for your personal use.  That’s it.  Literally no downside.

Heres your sign

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions!  But I know you may have more!  If so, feel free to reach out to me at 605- 271- 1814.

Or if you’re simply ready to jump in, it’s super easy to get started!  If you are already working with a consultant who’s helping you get started, you’ll want to get back with them to get started.  If you’re looking for a sponsor and leader, then I’d be very honored to have you part of my team!  You can get your Consultant ID# by signing up ONLINE, or feel free to call me to give me your info and I can enter it from my back office.  Whichever works best for you!

I’m excited to connect with you!!!


(We are currently hiring consultants in all 50 US states-Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia , Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming and Canada!   If Norwex matches your passions, give us a call to see if it’s a fit!

The international markets in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and an ever-expanding global market!!  It is truly GROUND FLOOR!  As a Global Sponsor, I can even help you get started if you’re in one of the above countries so you too, would have access to our team training and resources!   I’d love your help in sharing Norwex globally.  Start a Norwex business now, and you’ll likely find yourself leader of a very large team!  I’d love to provide our support, training, and guidance as you launch your business.)


Norwex- A Family Business

Sonya at conferenceI happened across this photo today from when I had brought our youngest with me to a Norwex conference (about 5 years ago)!  Sam was born about one year into my Norwex journey, and I was SO grateful that Norwex was such a baby-friendly, welcoming company so I was still able to attend the company events.  In fact, Sam even went Norwex parties with me (thank goodness for awesome slings and baby carriers!!) for about 4 months!

Sonya and Baby AriSo now… my ‘babies’ are all five years or older.  My husband teases me that I’d have 12Savannah 2016 kids, but for now, it’s more practical to get to get my time with babies each year at conference!  I get to see fellow moms also fitting their thriving Norwex businesses in alongside parenthood!!

Thank you, Norwex, for helping us all put family first, while building amazing Norwex businesses!  I love that our kids can be involved in helping with the business, whether it be labeling catalogs, or perhaps helping at a party!  We are teaching our children that they can do anything they put their mind to!  We’re showing them a way of life!

Abundant Blessings!

Congratulations, Planet Green Team!

This post goes out to each and every person on the Planet Green Team!  I am beyond humbled to represent each one of you in this North America Top Norwex Leader 2016 award.

I was completely overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of being on stage with such an incredible group of leaders, and representing each of you in being named the #1 Norwex team in North America.

Top Overall Leader in North America 2016

Top Overall Leader in North America 2015-2016

I thank God every day for my Norwex family, and our ability to bless so many with these life-changing products and this incredible opportunity to build a thriving Norwex business and income!  We’re excited to see who we get to welcome to our team in this year ahead!

Congratulations, Planet Green Team!  

The NEW 2016 Norwex Catalog!

Excited to announce that the Norwex 2016 Catalog is HERE!!!!  🙂

2016 Norwex Catalog Cover

There are 11 days left to order at 2015 prices… you can order ONLINE by CLICKING HERE.   Be sure to reach out to me with any questions!  

Ready to start your own Norwex business?  You can get 40% off you December 2015 order if you decide to sign on now (That’s right!  In December, Norwex is giving their consultants 40% discount/ commissions!!!  This is GOOD NEWS for you if you’re looking to get started this month!!)  Feel free to give me a call (605. 271. 1814) or you can get started ONLINE, if you prefer!  (More details here.)

I look forward to helping you along your Norwex journey!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Norwex!!!


New York Times Drawing Attention to Toxic Chemicals!

This is not a small-scale problem… rather toxic chemicals that are being used daily in most American homes are having a HUGE, far-reaching impact on health, and as this article points out, even possibly human reproduction!  Many chemical products are “Endocrine-disruptors”, and these are responsible for a host of problems!  But don’t take it from me!  Take the time to read this NY Times article!

Activists Protest Chemicals

Would you like to be part of the solution?  We would LOVE your help!  Join the Norwex Movement.  Use Norwex in your home, and consider becoming a consultant to educate others that there IS a better, safer (and more effective) alternative!!  We’d love to have you part of this mission!

Ready to get started?  Give me a call at 605 271. 1814 or you can get started right online by clicking HERE.  There is even an extra sign-on bonus happening this month!!!

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed holiday season!