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Sonya Eckel

Norwex Senior Vice President Leader

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Replay of Sonya’s LIVE Q&A about joining Norwex!

So many of you have been reaching out with questions about becoming a Norwex consultant and this September FREE Norwex Starter Kit (you just pay the $9.99 shipping!!), so I wanted to share this replay of a LIVE Q&A time that I did with our team, and I hope you’ll find it helpful in answering your questions!   (Keep in mind… this was done live, so ignore me going to let my dog out, etc!)  😉

If you’re already working with a Norwex consultant, then I’m sure they are taking excellent care of you, and you’ll want to get back with that person.

But if you are looking for a consultant to help you get started, then I’d be honored to help you start your Norwex journey!  You can join Norwex with me as your personal sponsor at  I am excited to connect with you!

TEN DAYS left to take advantage of the “Try It Share It” Free Kit!!!  Is NOW your time to jump in?  🙂


NO-risk Starter Kit in September Only!!!

Are you ready to jump in and give Norwex a try?  This month you have absolutely NOTHING to lose to give it a try!!  

SEPTEMBER 2016 NO-Risk Starter Kit!!!

We’d love your help in sharing these amazing products (and earning you some income in the process!) and we wanted to be sure you knew about the September 2016 NO-risk Starter Kit! For just $9.99 shipping, you can give a Norwex business a try with no risk!

Free Norwex Starter Kit

You get all of these products with no kit cost* so you don’t have to wait to try them all!

  • 1 EnviroCloth®
  • 1 Window Cloth
  • 1 Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth
  • 1 Microfiber Variety Pack
  • 1 Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent 250g sample pack

*You pay only $9.99 shipping plus tax.

The products in your kit are simple to demonstrate, so you can plan your first party right away. There are also several business tools included to help you get started. No party is too big or small–just gather your friends and share!

Questions? Call me with any questions: 605-271-1814.

Ready to get started? It’s super easy!  If you’d like to join my team, you can sign up online at Be sure to choose the “Try It Share It Kit” if you are looking to start with the zero-risk kit.  But be sure to check out the chart below so you can do a solid comparison to our standard kit (which is AMAZING)!

Sep16 Norwex Kit Comparison Chart

I look forward to welcoming you into my Norwex team!!


Norwex FREE Month to Get Started!

Have you been wanting to learn more about Norwex?  Have you been wondering if you’d be able to make money by becoming a Norwex consultant?  Have you been looking for something that you can truly be passionate about?  If you answered yes to any of these, this may be YOUR month to try it on for size!!  Give Norwex a test drive… with EVERYTHING to gain!!!!

CLICK HERE to get started with Norwex!

This month, Norwex is providing a FREE Starter Kit (you just pay the $9.99 shipping!!), and you can have consultant privileges, use these amazing products in your home and share them with others… and yes, MAKE MONEY and have a TON of FUN!

CLICK HERE for our FAQs about becoming a Norwex consultant.

I was asked recently what most surprised me when I became a Norwex consultant.  It was fun to think back to those early days when I was completely *blown away* by so many things!  Six years later, it’s wonderful to reflect back!   What a blessing Norwex is for our family!  I still remember wanting very much to be able to buy organic food for our family, but knowing it simply wasn’t in the budget.  I still remember making $500 in my first two parties, and knowing what a difference that $500 would make.  I remember the first month that I earned $2000.00.   And I knew I was in the right place.  Now, six years later, it has grown beyond what I ever imagined!

Here are a few things that some of our Planet Green Team Jacket Leaders shared that surprised THEM when they first got started with Norwex!

*How pleasantly surprised they were at how EASY it was to find people who wanted to host Norwex parties.
*That it’s actually possible to earn VERY real money doing something like this!
*All of the FREE Norwex products that they earned, simply by going out and sharing!
*The ability to start buying organic food at the grocery store!
*Being able to contribute financially to the family budget.
*The friendships that have come!  Customers, hosts, and team members often become good friends!
*Being able to earn an all-expense-paid trip to a beautiful, warm location!
*The personal growth and confidence, that have also flowed over into other areas of life!

This can be a truly life-changing business!

What do you have to lose?

Welcome to Norwex!!! We’re ‘all about that clean’!!!

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Spring!  We certainly are!

I’m so excited to welcome so many new team members this month to the Norwex mission! Enjoy this fun little Norwex song!!! Can’t wait to welcome YOU!  Click the link below to take advantage of the Starter Kit offer!!!

You don’t want to miss it!!  Join us in the Spring Cleaning Season!!!!  “If you’ve got Norwex, you gotta share….”  😉
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at 605/ 271. 1814!  I look forward to connecting with you!

Start your Norwex journey for FREE… NO risk FREE Starter Kit!

I just got some really exciting news coming across my computer screen today!!! Norwex has just announced a FREE STARTER KIT this month!!!  February 2014!!  If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving it a try, then I guess this month is for YOU!!  Norwex makes it super easy to get started!  If you have a consultant who has already shared the Norwex opportunity with you, then I’m sure you’re well taken care of.  If you’re looking for a Norwex consultant & leader to help you start your business, then I’d be honored to have you join my team.

I'm floored at the Norwex generosity this month!!  I hope you're feeling the Norwex LOVE in your home!  Are you ready to join the Norwex mission and help share these amazing, life-changing products with others?    Start up cost: Free?   AMAZING.

I’m floored at the Norwex generosity this month!! I hope you’re feeling the Norwex LOVE in your home! Are you ready to join the Norwex mission and help share these amazing, life-changing products with others?
Start up cost: Free.

Here are the details:
Receive a FREE (no strings attached) Starter Kit that includes:

FREE Products!

• Antibac Red Enviro Cloth
• Antibac Green Enviro Cloth
• Antibac Dusting Mitt
• SpiriSponge (2 pack)
• Antibac Purple Window/ Polishing Cloth

FREE Business
Support Materials!
• FreshSTART New Consultant Guide (1)
• Hostess Guides (5)
• Success Builder Brochure (1)
• Consultant Application (1)
• Host Order Forms (5)
• 2014 Product Catalogs (5)
• Product Price List (1)
• Business Supply List (1)
• Customer Order Forms (20)
• Norwex Purpose Booklet (1)
• Microfiber Brochure (1)
• Product Quick Guides (5)
• Spring Spectacular Incentive Flyer (1)

Questions?  Give me a call at 605/271- 1814!  I’m excited to connect with you and help you start YOUR Norwex Home Business!!!   In business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!  We’re beside you every step of the way!!  Are you one of those decisive folks like me & ready to roll?  You can get signed on at  Message me so I can connect with you to help you get off to a great start!!!

More FREE from Norwex!

As you know, I am really passionate about showing people a way that they can clean with just water, instead of bringing harmful, endocrine-disrupting chemical cleaners into their homes. I get to make a difference every day.. while still getting to being an at-home mom. I quickly realized that I can’t do this on my own, though. It will take many of us to begin detoxing homes all across our nation… and our world!

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference, while earning a great income, you may want to take a look at becoming a Norwex consultant this month. They are adding MORE FREE product to their Starter Kit (which they send to you free of charge and you never pay a dime for it as long as you have at least $2000 in retail sales in your first 90 days- which is typically ~4-6 home shows).

Give me a call if you’d like to learn more! (605 – 271 -1814)  I’d love to answer any questions, and help you get started, if you decide it’s a good fit. I train consultants all across the US, and we are currently looking to expand into new areas, so you have the opportunity to pioneer this incredibly innovative product line!!  Or you can now submit your consultant application right online, too. – you will typically have your Consultant ID# in just an hour or so!

Do you want to take a closer look at what Norwex is?  Check out my recent “Norwex 101” 7 1/2 minute video.  Let me know if these are products you can see yourself getting behind!

I would love to have you join me in educating people how to change the way they clean to help protect their health, and our planet!

Become a Norwex Consultant in November to benefit from this extra $114 Free Kit Addition!!

Become a Norwex Consultant in November to benefit from this extra $114 Free Kit Addition!!

Join the Norwex Mission ~ Become a Norwex Consultant!

Are you looking for a home-business that is incredibly ground-floor throughout the US?  Would you like the opportunity to pioneer a new product that truly impacts lives?  I would love to have your help in Making a Difference!

I’d like to share all of the amazing Norwex you can easily earn for FREE as a Norwex Consultant getting started this month!!

First of all, the amazing FREE* Starter Kit!!  This kit is shipped to you for free, and *remains free as long as you have at least $2000 in retails sales in your first 90 days!

Simply by having at least $2000 in retail product sales in your first 90 days, you're not charged a dime for the kit!!

Simply by having at least $2000 in retail product sales in your first 90 days, you’re not charged a dime for the kit!


And then the “free” continues!  By simply having $400 in product sales in your first 15 days (most of my new team members meet this goal on personally Norwexing their home and building their demo kit- $400 retail is about $250 consultant cost plus tax & shipping), this is shipped to your front door:

Fresh Start Step 1And for having at least $1000 in retail product sales in your first 30 days (most of my team members meet this goal with their kit-building order and the sales from their Launch Party!), you earn all this!

Fresh Start Step 2And the “free” still isn’t done!  You can earn all of these items by reaching your $2000-in-sales goal in your first 60 days:
Fresh Start Step 4So what do you think?  Are you ready to join the Norwex mission?  Would you like to earn some extra cash?  As Norwex consultants, we get a 35% commission from day 1!!  And Norwex is incredibly generous to allow you to start an amazing home business with minimal starting cost.  I’d be honored to train and mentor you- you can contact me (605- 271- 1814)  to get started, or simply Click Here to go to my website and fill out the application right online!

Seriously? Start a business for FREE?!!

I am just bursting to share this with you!!!!  If you’ve had it on your heart that you’d like to start sharing the Norwex products by becoming a Norwex consultant, August is your month!!  Norwex has just rolled out that they are offering the free Basic Starter Kit for free…. even without the requirement of having at least $2000 in sales in 90-days!  (I’m betting you’ll still make that, but if not, you don’t need to stress!  In my 4 years with Norwex, this is the FIRST time I’ve ever had the opportunity to offer this!!!)

FREE Kit option Sonya Eckel

And since August is “Mop Month”, you can easily earn a FREE Mop System when you host your first party this month!!  Norwex has removed all barriers for you to be able to give it a try!  Try on a home-based business that can truly change your life.  The products are so needed in every home across our nation.  So effective.  These products aren’t a luxury product.  They are a household essential… cleaners are a typical item in grocery carts, and we get to teach people a safe alternative that will SAVE them time & $$$!

Are you ready to journey with me?  Give me a call.    I’d love to connect with you & answer any questions you may have.  🙂  Or you can sign up right from my website- just click here and choose the free Basic Starter Kit with the $5 shipping!

NEW Norwex Getting-Started Bonus!!

Norwex has just rolled out another incredible sign-on “Fresh Start” incentive for their new consultants.  With Norwex, you truly can get started for FREE, and these incentives help you achieve that.

April-Jun2013 Fresh Start

Apr-Jun2013 Fresh Start Pg2

A large number of my new team members want to “Norwex their home” & build their demo kit, so many choose to do their own first personal order to REPLACE all of their old cleaners!  Often this will get you to the first step in this incentive!!  Then your Launch Party often gets you to Step 2, and occasionally well on your way to Step 4!!  The “Kit-Building Order” is optional, but gets you “ready for business”!  Talk with me about what might be right for you!

Oh, and I never tire of sharing about the free Norwex Starter Kit (you never pay a dime for it as long as you have a minimum of $2000 retail sales in your first 90 days… many team members are reaching that goal in their first 30-60 days!)!

USA Norwex Starter Kit

 If you have a Norwex consultant who has been helping you in becoming a consultant, then I’m guessing you’re well taken care of!

But if you’re looking for someone to help you get started, I’d be honored!   Call or email with any questions!  I’m happy to walk you through the getting-started process.