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No-risk Norwex Starter Kit offer end soon!! March only!

We have just a few days left to take advantage of this fantastic Free Norwex Kit March 2015 offer!!!
March Free Kit
Are you thinking seriously of becoming a consultant, but still having a few questions?  Are you looking for a consultant to help you get started?  Message me!  I’d love to have you join me for an online team event Sunday night to answer any questions you have!

Super easy to get started!  You can submit your application right online!  Details here:

Welcome to Norwex!!! We’re ‘all about that clean’!!!

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Spring!  We certainly are!

I’m so excited to welcome so many new team members this month to the Norwex mission! Enjoy this fun little Norwex song!!! Can’t wait to welcome YOU!  Click the link below to take advantage of the March NO-risk Starter Kit offer!!!

You don’t want to miss it!!  Join us in the Spring Cleaning Season!!!!  “If you’ve got Norwex, you gotta share….”  ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at 605/ 271. 1814!  I look forward to connecting with you!

Norwex is offering a NO-Risk Starter Kit in March!!!

This update is worthy of me taking some time here in beautiful Costa Rica (thank you, Norwex!) to share the latest Norwex announcement!!

Have you been thinking of becoming a Norwex consultant, but perhaps worried whether you could meet the $2000-in-90-days requirement to keep your kit for free?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you absolutely CAN meet that- on average with just 4 parties, but if you’re still not sure… then March is your month!  Norwex is offering a RISK-FREE Starter Kit!!!  It is a bit pared down from our usual, amazing Starter Kit and doesn’t contain the mop system, etc, but for just $9.99 shipping you can start your Norwex business.  Now that’s amazing.  No strings attached.  Check out the details on the flyer.  If you think you’ll have no problem meeting your $2000 sales goal, then I’d encourage you to still start with the standard kit… it’s my favorite because I LOVE the Norwex floor system, but you choose whichever one is best for you!!!

Here’s how SIMPLE it is to get started.  If you’re already working with a Norwex consultant, then I’m sure they’re taking excellent care of you!  But if you’re looking for a Norwex consultant to help train & support you, I’d be honored to help you get started.  We’d love to welcome you to the Planet Green Team!!!  Go to my website,, and click the “Sign up Now” button.  It’ll take you through the process step by step!

Here’s the details about what comes in your NO-risk Starter Kit:

March 2015 No-Risk Starter Kit

Start your Norwex journey for FREE… NO risk FREE Starter Kit!

I just got some really exciting news coming across my computer screen today!!! Norwex has just announced a FREE STARTER KIT this month!!!  February 2014!!  If you’ve been tossing around the idea of giving it a try, then I guess this month is for YOU!!  Norwex makes it super easy to get started!  If you have a consultant who has already shared the Norwex opportunity with you, then I’m sure you’re well taken care of.  If you’re looking for a Norwex consultant & leader to help you start your business, then I’d be honored to have you join my team.

I'm floored at the Norwex generosity this month!!  I hope you're feeling the Norwex LOVE in your home!  Are you ready to join the Norwex mission and help share these amazing, life-changing products with others?    Start up cost: Free?   AMAZING.

I’m floored at the Norwex generosity this month!! I hope you’re feeling the Norwex LOVE in your home! Are you ready to join the Norwex mission and help share these amazing, life-changing products with others?
Start up cost: Free.

Here are the details:
Receive a FREE (no strings attached) Starter Kit that includes:

FREE Products!

• Antibac Red Enviro Cloth
• Antibac Green Enviro Cloth
• Antibac Dusting Mitt
• SpiriSponge (2 pack)
• Antibac Purple Window/ Polishing Cloth

FREE Business
Support Materials!
• FreshSTART New Consultant Guide (1)
• Hostess Guides (5)
• Success Builder Brochure (1)
• Consultant Application (1)
• Host Order Forms (5)
• 2014 Product Catalogs (5)
• Product Price List (1)
• Business Supply List (1)
• Customer Order Forms (20)
• Norwex Purpose Booklet (1)
• Microfiber Brochure (1)
• Product Quick Guides (5)
• Spring Spectacular Incentive Flyer (1)

Questions?  Give me a call at 605/271- 1814!  I’m excited to connect with you and help you start YOUR Norwex Home Business!!!   In business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself!  We’re beside you every step of the way!!  Are you one of those decisive folks like me & ready to roll?  You can get signed on at  Message me so I can connect with you to help you get off to a great start!!!

More FREE from Norwex!

As you know, I am really passionate about showing people a way that they can clean with just water, instead of bringing harmful, endocrine-disrupting chemical cleaners into their homes. I get to make a difference every day.. while still getting to being an at-home mom. I quickly realized that I can’t do this on my own, though. It will take many of us to begin detoxing homes all across our nation… and our world!

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference, while earning a great income, you may want to take a look at becoming a Norwex consultant this month. They are adding MORE FREE product to their Starter Kit (which they send to you free of charge and you never pay a dime for it as long as you have at least $2000 in retail sales in your first 90 days- which is typically ~4-6 home shows).