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Sonya Eckel

Norwex Senior Vice President Leader

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Norwex crystal deodorant

Getting the best results from your Crystal Deodorant

We want you to love these products as much as we do!  Something that I think will help you in this quest is having suggestions and tips on how to use them.

Little things like The Norwex Crystal Deodorant.  The crystal deodorant works great at keeping body odor at bay, but doesn’t prevent you from sweating (which is actually a GOOD thing for your body).

So here are some tips to make sure you get optimal performance from your Norwex deodorant crystal:  First, cleanse your underarm area (first with soap, if desired, then rinsed & cleansed well with a wet Norwex Body Cloth to remove odor-causing germs).  Dip only the tip of crystal in water and apply liberally to ENTIRE underarm region.  Rinse off the crystal by dipping in water again, and dry very gently with an Enviro cloth or body cloth.

You can store your crystal upside-down, set inside a small container- I personally like to set mine in a bit of coconut oil- it makes it glide on even more smoothly,

These tips should lengthen the lifespan of your crystal.  Oh, and one more thing– hold on tightly to the crystal when you’re applying it- if it falls, it shatters!  Make sure that you are applying the deodorant to a clean underarm area, as this dramatically reduces the chance that your deodorant will pick up any body odor smell.  And again,  remember to cleanse & dry it gently after each use.  Also remember- this is a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant.  It is made to control odor-causing bacteria, but not to stop sweating.

Works great after cleansing with Body Pack Cloth.  Store upside-down!
Works great after cleansing with Body Pack Cloth. Cleanse & dry crystal gently between uses.