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Sonya Eckel

Norwex Senior Vice President Leader

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Getting Started with Norwex!!!

Just imagine how easily you can begin your Norwex business!

First, Norwex sends you the Consultant Starter Kit that remains FREE, as long as you have at least $2000 in retail sales in your first 90 days (click here for more details)!
2014 Starter Kit
Many of my new team members decide to place a Kit-Enhancement Order, which typically costs around $260 at consultant cost (plus shipping and tax).   As your sponsor, I’m happy to help you through this and train you on how to utilize the consultant back office.
Check out below an example of ALL of the Norwex you can add to your home with this LOW investment!!

Here's an example of what a Kit-Enhancement Order may look like.... and Norwex allows us to be hostess on our own Kit-Building Order, so you can earn all the hosting gifts, too!

Here’s an example of what a Kit-Enhancement Order may look like…. and Norwex allows us to be hostess on our own Kit-Building Order, so you can earn all the hosting gifts, too!

AND… when you do this Kit-Enhancement Order (that includes at least $400 in retail product value, which is $260 at consultant cost) within your first 15 days, you can get all of this for FREE, as well:
Step 1 Gifts 2014

But still not quite done…  you can also earn the awesome hosting gifts (of the current month) from your Kit-Enhancement Order, plus the $40 hostess Norwex shopping spree!!!  The Norwex generosity continues to amaze me!!

Kit Order Hosting GiftsIf you’ve already been working with another consultant to get your Norwex business started, then I’m sure they’re taking excellent care of you!

If you are looking for a Norwex sponsor to help you get off to a strong start in your Norwex business,
then I’d be very honored to help you begin your Norwex journey!  🙂

605. 271. 1814

Norwex 2013 Catalog

Looking for the new 2013 Norwex catalog?  Simply click the photo to start browsing!  Please feel free to call or email me if you’d like to order, or you’re welcome to place your order online.  Be sure to contact me if you’d like to hear my current specials and incentive offers!

If these are products that you can see yourself getting behind, I’d love to have you join my Norwex team!  It’s simple.  First download and complete the Norwex Consultant Application, and fax or scan/ email to me (605-271-1814) or directly to Norwex (877-622-3620).  You’ll want to be sure to put my name (Planet Green, LLC/ Sonya Eckel) and my consultant ID# (12-0059) as your Norwex sponsor.  And let me know as soon as you’ve received your Norwex Consultant ID#.  I have a welcome gift that I’m excited to send your way!

What does it cost to become a Norwex consultant?

FAQ:  How much does it cost to become a Norwex Consultant? 

You’d like to sell Norwex?  Then you likely want to know how much you’ll be investing when you begin a Norwex business!

FREE Start-Up– Earn Your Kit for FREE!

You’ll be excited to learn that the Norwex Starter Kit is free, and remains FREE by you simply having $2000 in retail sales within your first 90 days!!  The generosity of Norwex is amazing!  In this Starter Kit you’ll receive (current as of 7/2012):

1 red enviro cloth                          20 customer order forms
1 green enviro cloth                      1 sales summary 2012
1 window cloth                              5 – 4-star hostess planner
1 dusting mitt                                5 hostess planner envelope
1 Norwex shopping bag               1 success builder
1 spray bottle                                 1 consultant application
1 spirisponge                                 1 Norwex Founder, Debbie Bolton’s Welcome to Norwex
1 Large Basic Mop System         1 Norwex Consultant Website (free for first 90 days)
1 complete training DVD            1 Norwex party cards
1 empty full color portfolio         1 fresh start flyer
1 sales consultant manual          1 fresh start program guide
1 full color microfiber flyer         1 build a legacy flyer
10 – 2012 Catalogs                        5 hostess order forms
10 invitation post cards              1 CD product manual

An average Norwex party here in the US is $500-$600 in sales.  So you can estimate that it’ll likely take around 4-6 parties to reach your $2000-in-90-days-goal.  If you don’t meet this minimum within your first 90 days, Norwex charges you $200 for the Starter Kit.  If you’re wishing to get started, you may download the Norwex Sign-On Paperwork.

My passion is helping others EARN GREAT INCOME with their Norwex business with a minimal start-up cost. With Norwex, you NEVER to have to purchase a garage full of unused cleaning products!  One of the beauties of being a Norwex consultant is that once you’ve invested in your demo kit, you will use that same kit for many years to come!  And since we typically ship our party orders to our hostesses, there is no requirement to carry inventory.  Unlike many “network marketing” or “MLM” business models, you DO NOT have to keep making a personal purchases every month– just one of the fun differences about the Norwex business model!  (I’ve been using my same core Norwex demo kit for 3 years!)

As your Norwex sponsor, I want to help get off on the right foot in your business!  I want to see you succeed and meet your goals.   When you choose to place a kit-building order (which is completely optional) as your first party order – you can earn the great hosting gifts, too!  (As soon as you have your Consultant ID#, I’m happy to guide you through the products that I recommend.  This order will help you meet the first New Consultant Bonuses (call me for the most current details!) and get you on your way to your goal to keep your Starter Kit for free!  If you choose to do this kit-building order, your Norwex starting costs usually fall somewhere around just $260 (plus tax & shipping)!!)  I can hardly believe that we can start an amazing Norwex business like this for such a minimal investment! 

As a new Norwex consultant, the Fresh Start bonuses will also help you build your demo kit!   Here’s our current new consultant sign-on offers- call me for more details on how to become a Norwex consultant and how to qualify for all of these additional free Norwex products:

I’m so excited to help you get started!

Stay tuned for future posts for more Norwex Consulting FAQs!