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Sonya Eckel

Norwex Senior Vice President Leader

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Wool Dryer Balls

The Norwex Wool Dryer Balls are HERE!!!

I’ve been SO excited for the arrival of the NEW Norwex Wool Dryer balls… and they are NOW AVAILABLE!!  I have loved our green Norwex Dryer Balls, but am excited to have the even more natural & ecofriendly option of wool!!

These 100% New Zealand Wool dryer balls are hand made , chemical-free and eco-friendly!  They decrease your dry time by 30%, help eliminate wrinkles and act as a natural fabric softener.

They come in a set of three, and unlike plastic dryer balls, there’s NO need to remove them from your dryer between loads during the cold weather (which prevents cracking of the plastic dryer balls)!!  🙂  One thing I’m super excited about, is the ability to put a favorite quality essential oil on the dryer balls to provide a light, safe, natural scent!

You can purchase these Wool Dryer Balls right online – simply CLICK HERE to order!

(Not sure you’re ready to give up your fabric softener quite yet?  I’m going to encourage you to do what a friend recommended I do… Google “Toxicity of Fabric Softener” and find out if the “good smell” [of chemicals] is worth it! )  🙂  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how EASY it is to let go of the fabric softener toxic habit… not to mention the CASH you’ll save.

NOTE:  if you have an allergy to wool, it is recommended that you use the green Norwex Dryer Balls instead.

Enjoy the wonders of 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls!

Enjoy the wonders of 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls!

New Norwex Products Fall 2013!!! You’ll LOVE them!

I’m so excited to tell you a bit about our brand-new 2013 Fall Norwex products!  I think this is one of my very favorite Norwex product launches!  It’s so hard for me to even pick a favorite!!

Experience the New Norwex Products for yourself! You'll love them all! Order at or call me to help you customize your order:  605-271-1814

Experience the New Norwex Products for yourself! You’ll love them all! Order at or call me to help you customize your order: 605-271-1814

I think I’ll start with the new Envirowand.  This product is *amazing* and I’m now adding it to my “Household Essentials”!!  Just mist it with a bit of water and start cleaning all of those hard-to-reach spots like your ceiling fans (you can bend it to perfectly fit the fan blade and you can use the Norwex Telescopic Mop Handle to reach the high fans!)… great for dusting deep, hard to reach shelves, above the kitchen cupboards, in the dryer vent, beside the fridge, under the stove… well, you get the idea!!  You’ll LOVE this product!!  And it’s only $29.99!!  Replacement sleeves will be available in October.

The Scrubby Corner Enviro Cloth is perfect for a quick scrub… whether it be dried on toothpaste by the sink, petrified cereal on the kitchen table, hairspray on the mirror, it’s there and ready!  You can also use this with our amazing Cleaning Paste!

The NEW Kitchen Cloth & Towel Colors are fantastic!  So far, the graphite has been my top seller!  The salmon and blue colors are also still available.  I think the salmon goes beautifully with the latte, and the blue with the graphite!  I often use these as antibac hand towels in my bathrooms, as well!  Love, love.

LOVE the Optic Scarf!  No more smearing your cell phone across your pant leg to *try* to clean it!  Now this optic cloth is readily available, pretty, and safe for anti-glare surfaces!

The REUSABLE Sandwich Bag and Snack Baggie are going to be a huge $$ saver at our home, and I can feel much better knowing I’m not contributing to the 100 BILLION plastic baggies put into our landfills each year!!  Are you ready to do your part?

Norwex has introduced a Norwex Toilet Brush that works great with our Blue Diamond Bathroom Cleaner- you can purchase both together in the “Blue Sparkle Duo” for just $44.99 (Item # 1402)!

Our ever-popular Silvercare Toothbrushes are now available for kids!!  And you can now choose your adult toothbrush color, as well!  🙂

The Rescue Gel is so great on achy muscles… includes a powerful list of ingredients, and smells wonderful!  Just $15.99! And a nice travel-friendly size!

Norwex Natural Hand Cleaner!  Need a hand-sanitizer-replacement?  Most of us know that triclosan and alcohol in hand sanitizers are NOT good for us!  Now Norwex has introduced their “Natural Hand Cleaner”.  It will leave your hands clean and smelling fresh!  Perfect to send with the kids to school!

Wool Dryer Balls!   Coming in October!  These take our Norwex Dryer Balls to the next level.  Instead of 2, you get 3 balls.  They are very soft and quiet.  And all natural and biodegradable and a renewable source.  You can put essential oils on them for a fresh & safe scent in your laundry.  They have a TWO year warranty, and will likely last even longer!  They decrease your dry time and static.

Wow!  I think that covers it!  If you’d like to order from my website, just go to and have it shipped right to your front door.  If you’d like me to help you customize your order to best meet your needs, feel free to give me a call:    I look forward to sharing these amazing new products with you!!